The Poppet can be used for healing purposes--in fact that is probably its primary use.

The Poppet can also be used for love magic. The same construction method is used: two

outlines cut from cloth, sewn together and marked with identifying symbols and characteristics

(all whilst concentrating your thoughts on the person it represents). You should stuff the Poppet

with the herb appropriate for the person's ailment. If ever in doubt as to what to use, stuff the

Poppet with Calendula (also called Marigold, Marybud, Holibud--Calendula officinalis),

which is a cure-all. You should name the Poppet (as in love-magic, to symbolically represent

the person who is to benefit from the healing spell), sprinkling and censing it, then lay it on the altar.

Should you be working for someone who has had surgery, then make an incision in the Poppet in

the appropriate place. Then, taking it up from the altar, concentrate on the healing and direct

your power into the patient as you sew up the incision.

You can do Auric and/or Pranic healing using the Poppet in lieu of the actual person.

Once you have named and consecrated the Poppet, then

anything you do to it, of course, you do to that person.

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