Health Herbs

Illness must be treated by a medical professional. None of these are meant to replace the advice or treatment prescribed by a physician. You are responsible for your health and should always exercise caution. Please do not use any of the following unless you are certain you have no allergies to them and not without the approval of your DR.

Ash Tree Leaves: place one tablespoonful of leaves in a bowl of water and leave it in the bedroom overnight while sleeping. In the morning it should be tossed out and then redone each night. Allegedly this will help to prevent illness.

Betony: Strengthens the body when worn as an amulet.

Coriander: Carry the seeds in a small bag to ward off disease and migraines.

Dill Seed: Tie some in a cloth and smell to help cure hiccups (this one didn't help me much).

Eucalyptus: Said to protect against colds if stuffed into the pillow one sleeps on.

Holy Herb: Use in bath water if you feel your sickness has been caused by a hex.

Mustard Seed: Carry with you at all times a few grains in a small bag, wallet or purse to guard against injury.

Quince Seed: When a few are carried in a red, flannel bag it can protect the wearer from physical attacks and harm.

Rose Buds: Place around sprains and bad bruises to help them heal quicker.

Rosemary: Holding some while reading or completing tasks is said to improve memory.

Thyme: Burn in the home to attract good health to all occupants.

Valerian: This sewn into the pillow is supposed to calm nerves and bring about peaceful sleep.

Vervain: Worn as an amulet, Vervain is noted for its healing powers in curing fevers.

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