This is actually an example of candle magick. Grind some nutmeg and mix it into

the wax as you prepare the candle. Add some vanilla extract to the wax for smell.

Light the candle and let the fumes fill your house.

This works well against the flu and the dreaded cold.

If you allbine this with some jewel therapy remember that sapphire is a general

enchanter and that agate is said to reduce fever.


First you will need to buy a sheet of wax from a craft or hobby store.

Cut it into several chunks and fill a coffee can roughly half full with it.

Place the can in a pot that has water in it. The water level should not be higher than the

can because sometimes water will spill or boil over. Heat the pot of water and when the

wax has turned into a fairly clear liquid, use a pair of tongs to pour it into a frame.

Some people make their own frames out of sheet metal. Keep the frame upside down

and suspend a wick with an extended rod, letting the wick hang down with a little extra

at the end to light. It's okay to use empty tuna fish cans to create votives and feel free to

experiment with other designs.

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