Wheel of Fortune, The Magician, The World. Set down the Wheel of Fortune.

Think about the changes you have undergone, and the changing of circumstances,

which have brought you to your present situation. (If you are doing this spell for someone

else, consider as much as you know of that persons situation and what sorts of events led up to it.)

Realize that things change and changes with it to grow ever greater.

Undergoing hardship will make you a stronger person, for the finest steel is tempered by the hottest flame.

2. Lay down the Magician. Visualize yourself as a powerful magician or sorceress.

Feel a reservoir of great strength rising from within.

Know each person is a magician with the power to reshape circumstances.

Visualize yourself as the magician standing on a barren desert.

Then imagine using your magic wand to draw power from the universe as well as power from within.

Wave your wand in front of you and see the channeled power causing flowers to spring up, turning

the desert into a garden.

3. The World. Before you set it in place, hold it up and present it to each

of the four directions. East, south, west, north. Now lay the card down.

Visualize yourself in a setting, which has been beautified and improved through your own effort.

Visualize yourself in a situation where you have created your own happiness and found fulfillment

in a spite of outward circumstances hardship and difficult readjustments.

After you have finished mediating on the card and visualizations, carefully, and with as much feeling

as you can, recite the following affirmation.

"With these cards and with this spell, I summon powers to resilience and renewal.

I summon powers from within, and powers from without.

I summon the power to help me face the world as it is and as it must of necessity be in the future

I summon the power to help me make my own happiness

There is peace

There is healing

There is new understanding

This do I will! So will it be!!

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