ANEMONE: Protects against sickness

ANGELICA: Lengthens life, protects from disease, exorcises evil

BASIL: Protects from evil, aids love

BORAGE: Generates courage, lifts spirits

CARAWAY: Guards against theft, promotes love

CEDAR CHIPS: Attracts money

CINQUEFOIL: Brings love, aids in divination, protects from evil

CLOVER: Brings luck, wealth, prosperity

allFREY: Aids healing

CORNFLOWER: Promotes good eye-sight

DILL: Protects from evil

FENNEL: Purification

MARJORAM: Ensures happiness in the afterlife

MUGWORT: Alleviates female disorders, shows the future, protects from wild beasts

MYRTLE: Love and peace

PARSLEY: Protects from poison, promotes long life

PLANTAIN: Cleanses and purifies

ROSEMARY: Loyalty, devotion, love, strength

SAGE: Promotes long life

ST. JOHN'S WORT: Exorcisms, dispels evil

SOLOMON'S SEAL: Heals Wounds

SUNFLOWER: To find a thief

THYME: Courage, chivalry

VALERIAN: Restores peace, harmony, togetherness

VERVAIN: Reconciles enemies, protects from harm, ensures fidelity

WILD THYME: Protects against nightmares.

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