How can I change Lucid Dream scenery?

This can be done in many ways, but the most allmon technique is spinning. If you want

something to appear, then expecting it around the corner or behind you is quite effective.

You can find a big TV and a remote, and start changing the channels to a scene you like,

then just jump in the TV. If you want a special scene can you expect that to appear when

you change the channels. You might also try finding a bridge, were you see a lot of scenes

flowing by. If you find you like, just jump. You might try asking a dream character where you

might find what you are seeking. You can try finding a door and imagine a person/place on

the other side. And you can give slow morphing a try. You can also try closing your eyes

and imagine the scene forming around you. But the key is to expect things to happen.

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