How can I have Precognitive Lucid Dreams?

When you have some successful experience with Shared Lucid Dreaming you can give

Precognitive Lucid Dreams a try. Intent is also an important key to have Precognitive Lucid Dreams.

When you lie in bed trying to fall asleep you need to program this intent to have a Precognitive Dream,

and when your Dream starts do you have to recall that intent. You should give yourself appropriate

affirmations while you are waiting for the hypnagogic imagery to start. When the dream starts do you

need to check your level of consciousness. Do all the tests and make sure your logical mind is working.

The next thing you need to do is fully focus on your intent. Make it perfectly clear, shut your eyes, shut

down all signals from the dream and let go. Move into the field by intuitively driving yourself with the

desire to go there. Let go and fell yourself moving towards your desired source. Let time and space

go, just flow with your intention. You may feel a melt down for a second until before you arrive there.

Wherever you are in time or space will happen later in the physical world. Just observe whatever

happen and enjoy it. Remember to write it down when you wake up, for later verification.

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