How can I have Shared Lucid Dreams?

Once you get experience in the field of Lucid Dreaming, have good control over your dream

environment and can stay Lucid for a long time is it time to move on. Or if you are an

experienced Lucid Dreamer that wants to try something new, then Shared Lucid Dreaming is

an interesting approach. Intent is an important key for Sharing a Dream. When you lie in bed

trying to fall asleep you need to program this intent to Share Dreams with those you desire,

and then when you are in the Dream, you have to recall that intent and attempt to fulfill it.

Give yourself appropriate affirmations while you are waiting for the hypnagogic imagery to start.

A good way of finding those you desire is imagine them and let the hypnagogic imagery fill out

the rest of the details. Once you are in the Dream, make sure you are fully conscious. Check

all your senses and do some logical tests. Recall your intent and try a few other techniques if

your friend isn't in your dream. You can phase to that person, or imagine a door and talk out

loud your desire to meet that person, then open the door. You can also shout and yell for them

until they along. Once you find thems the big question. Are your friend Lucid?

Ask a few simple questions, be friendly and patient. If you know their interest, create them. And try

to make them understand that they are dreaming. Do things that normally don't happen in the

physical world. When they understand or if they know that they are dreaming, make sure they

are fully conscious and that all their senses are working. Once it is established that both of you

are dreaming should you point out details in the dream, for later verification. You might also

try to bring more people into the dream. When you wake up you should write down everything

you could remember, especially the details that were pointed out. A phone call right after

awakening may help on the recall.

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