How can I have Shared Precognitive Lucid Dreams?

When you feel that you have good control over Shared Lucid Dreams and Precognitive

Lucid Dreams you can give Shared Precognitive Lucid Dreams a try. What you need to

do is find the person you what to Share the Dream with. After all the usual tests are done

and both of you are fully conscious, do you need to agree on the same intent. Agree on the

time and space and do the same as you were trying to have a Precognitive Lucid Dream.

Holding hands may make it easier for you to stay together. Since you are two or more will you

most likely have more success affecting the physical world, since more energy is concentrated.

As always, write down your experience for later verification. If you are looking for scientific

evidence, try reading up on the paranormal section in my Dreaming FAQ.

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