How can I prevent premature awakening?

A allmon problem for beginners is remaining in the dream after b alling Lucid.

They so excited once they realize that they are dreaming that they wake up right away.

There are many reasons for being excited, but it will only work against your goal.

You need to suppress that feeling. If your dream show signs of ending, maybe loss of detail or your

dream just go black, then spinning may help bringing the dream back. Before you feel your physical

body you should spin your dream body. That is going round and round. Also remind yourself that the

next scene will be a dream. To ensure that it is a dream should you do a RT. Just moving, running or

jumping can prolong your Lucid Dream, you might also want to try spinning out in the

gravity-free universe. When you open your eyes you may be surprised to find yourself in the

most beautiful environment with stars, galaxies and planets. Another technique is saying out

loud: "Clarity now!". Just stating out loud your desire and intention may do incredible things

to your dream. You might want to try other allmands like: "Increase lucidity now!", "Create

visuals now!" and "Stay calm!". Theta training may make it easier for you to stay in the Dream,

it will also make it easier to induce WILD and recall Dreams.

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