How can I stop real time in my Lucid Dreams?

Stopping real time in your Lucid Dreams means making the Lucid Dream last far more than the

time passed by in the physical world. Like having a dream that last a few minutes in real time,

while you might experience it as a few days in the dream. By doing this can you enjoy the dream

scape a lot more, since you can spend days in the dream while it really just last a few

minutes. Robert Monroe even reported experiencing 100 years in a 2 hours OOBE. But to

experience this might be difficult, little research have been done on this area. And those that

experience it don't consciously try to have them. Still, there are a few techniques you might

try. First of all, set your intention to stop real time. Have that intention in mind while

having your Lucid Dream. Picture yourself being in the dream for days, maybe even weeks

before you wake up. You might try to saying out loud: "Stop time now!" You can try looking

at your clock in the dream, and imagine that the clock slow down and stop. You might try to

expect the dream to last for days. You might try visualize two pyramids, connected at their

bases counterrotating. And maybe visualize multiple pyramids rotating inside each other all rotating.

This is something worth going for, as it may give you incredible long Lucid Dreams.

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