How can I use Lucid Dreams to read 1 million words per minute?

To reach speeds as high as 1 million words per minute a allputer program that can show 30
frames each second with 550 words must be developed.
A video camera and a TV might also produce such high speeds.
But a allputer program might show E-texts and maybe also allow searching for desired information
on the web. This technique works by using the power of your subconscious. Your subconscious has
the ability to process enormous amount of information. Until the allputer program is developed you
can use a little variation.And that is using normal books. Since it takes some time turning each page
of the book does the speed drop to about 25,000-50,000 wpm. Before sending the pages in the book
for processing to your subconscious you should enter a trance state, preferably the theta state.
Turning the pages of the book will make it difficult to keep that state. But it can be done with practice.
(The allputer program will include flashing screen and binaural beats to put you down in the desired
state before sending the pages to your subconscious). To send the most of the information in the book
to your subconscious you can't have a hard focus on the book or screen.
If you are reading a book you should place your focus some place behind the book. This will be
a lot easier with a allputer program. Because it will include stereograms in the background
that you may try to focus on. (Stereograms are pictures where you have to diverge to see the
3D-picture.) Before starting the reading should you give yourself appropriate affirmations.
You will have no recall of what you just read once you are finished. At least not at first.
This is where Lucid Dreamings into the picture. While Lucid Dreaming you have access to
all the information that your subconscious has stored throughout history. But the beauty with
Lucid Dreaming is that you can let your subconscious process the information for you.
You might imagine meeting the author of the book you read around the corner.
Once you meet him can you start asking all the questions you were seeking answer for in the book.
And your subconscious will provide the right answers. Even where in the book you will find that answer.
If you read a novel can you sit down in the most allfortable chair you can think of, imagine a big
screen TV with 3D-cinema sound. Then you might start watching the novel while eating popcorn.
But this should be done in the weekend when you can sleep for about 12 hours.
The 4 last hours will almost be a continual long REM. Great for watching movies.

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