1st Spell: Bathe your feet to soften the dry skin thereon.

Scrape off some of the dry skin and heat it until it is dry enough to be powdered.

Put it in any beverage and give it to the person to drink.

The person will then follow you all the time.

2nd Spell: Obtain a sample of the person's handwriting, preferably in ink.

Sprinkle the paper with Wishing Oil and wear it next to your heart for nine days.

Then bury it under your door step. After that any request you put in writing to that person will be granted.

Ask him or her to be yours and you will have your way.

3rd Spell: Obtain a piece of the person's hair and sprinkle some Controlling Powder on it.

Fold it toward you in a piece of white linen and wrap that, toward you once again, with

blue (for true love) silk thread. Carry it with you and you will have control over the person's mind.

He or she will follow you and do whatever you wish.

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