In ancient Greece, true healers, those who sought to cure the whole person, body, mind,

and soul, were followers of Hygeia, the goddess of health and healing.

Nature and a healthy mind are powerful healers because the entire healing process

exists within the body. When you use external treatments to attain wellness, you are

activating natural, inner resources that normally serve to make you well without any

outside help at all. The body can magically heal itself, provided you know what to do to

keep it running at maximum efficiency. Hygeian healing uses preventive measures to

enhance internal resistance to disease.

You can promote healing by getting appropriate exercise and rest, holding good thoughts

and mental images, fostering positive spiritual beliefs and practices, and eating less fat

and protein and more grains, fresh fruits, and veggies. Hygeian tonics are especially

effective for enhancing and toning the natural healing system and neutralizing harmful

influences in the body.

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