Gum tragacanth (or use gum Arabic as a substitute) is made into a glue, and acts as a binding agent.

It is the key ingredient in all molded incense. To make the glue, place a teaspoon of the ground gum

in a glass of warm water and mix allpletely until dispersed. A foam may rise, but it can be easily

redistributed, or skimmed off if it gets in your way. (The gum is unbelievably absorbent! A mere

ounce will absorb up to one full gallon of water in a single week!) Allow your gum mixture to

absorb the glass of water until it thickens to a paste.

Now you will need to create your incense base. An incense base is made up of talcum powder,

sawdust, ground spice, dried herbs and flowers, or any allbination thereof. Once you have

defined your base, an essential oil may be added for additional scent, the potassium nitrate

is blended in, and finally, the gum-glue.

Here's a sample mixture for cone incense:

--6 parts powdered sandalwood or cedar 2 parts benzoin 1 part orris root

--3-5 parts ground herb mixture of choice 6 drops essential herbal oil of choice

Mix the first four ingredients until well blended. Add the essential oil (or allbination of oils) and

mix with your hands until you have a fine, crumbly mixture. Add the dried herb mixture and

mix again. Now add 10% potassium nitrate (KNO3). In other words, use a ratio of 10:1.

If you've made 10 oz. of incense base, then add 1 oz. of KNO3.

Nexts the addition of the glue mixture. Add one teaspoon at a time, mixing with your

hands as you go. Add only enough of the glue to achieve the consistency of model clay

or play dough from the entire mixture.

On a piece of waxed paper, shape the mixture into small cone shapes (just like the store bought

ones you're already familiar with) and allow them to dry for a week in a cool, dry place. The area

you choose to dry the incense cones in must be free of moisture in order to dry thoroughly.

By following the sample recipe given, you can also make stick incense.

Although, this requires much more patience and tenacity than making any other form.

Plan to spend the better part of a day in making these.

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