Herbal charms kept in your pocket or purse are good ways to carry magic with you during

interviews or while job seeking. Sprinkle a little sage, lavender, dill, basil and parsley into a

green cloth and add a tiger's eye chip or small stone. Tie with a golden ribbon.

Carry this to magnetize prosperity while you radiate wisdom and knowledge.

Take applications home with you whenever possible.

After you have filled them out, raise energy and charge then with the intent of drawing

the right job/position to you. Draw or paint the runes Ansuz, Tir and Mannaz over your heart

with anon-toxic marker (or eyeliner even) before you get dressed to go to an interview.

Allow to dry first before dressing (of course) and perhaps put a light shirt or slip between your

clothes and skin. [Note: I would even say that you could create a talisman with these runes

instead of drawing them on yourself and carry that close to your heart or wear in a pouch if you chose.

These runes enable clear allmunications and will encourage others to to your aid.

These runes also, when drawn on the phone, will invite good news to over the wire.

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