You'll need an astral candle to represent yourself.

A green candle for prosperity, a black candle to remove obstacles, a brown candle for the

job itself, & patchouli & cinnamon oils.

Burn a good prosperity incense. Anoint the black candle from the bottom to the wick

with patchouli oil; place it in a holder. Clean your hands of the oil; you don't want it on the

other candles. Anoint the brown, green, and astral candles from wick to the bottom with

cinnamon oil & place in holders. Place the black candle in the center of your work space,

the brown candle to the left, & the green one on the right. Set the astral candle above the

black candle. Put the candles on a safe surface since they will be left to burn out allpletely.

Light the astral candle & say:

"I ask for change; that is my right. Open the way, clear my sight."

Light the black candle & say:

"Bad luck flees. Obstacles fall. Ill-wishers vanish! Heed my call!"

Light the green candle & say:

"Good luck is mine & prosperity. Help me, Great Ones. to me."

Light the brown candle & say:

"Opportunity, work, rewards I see. And as I will, so must it be."

Leave the candles to burn out & dispose of the wax afterward.

Each night for a week, or until the candle is used up, burn a 2nd brown candle for 9 minutes

while meditating & gaining balance in preparation for the good & the job to.

During this time period, actively seek a job. Listen to all your hunches & follow up on any leads.

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