Needed: Self-drying terracotta, inscribing instrument.

Get a small amount of self-drying terracotta, shape it into a disc and engrave it with symbols

that invoke the mental picture of 'job', 'career', 'good money earned'. Make your incense either

using the ingredients listed below or of your own choice, empower while mixing.

Prepare the circle as you normally would.

Call upon the deity of your choice and chant:

"Ancient God, and Great Goddess,

I ask that this, my spell, you bless;

I seek employment right for me,

A job I'd go to gleefully.

Within a month I'd like to know

The direction my career will go.

In this disk I place my trust,

When it's shattered go forth it must,

With harm to none, and love to thee,

As I Will so shall it be!

As usual, build up power in the circle and direct it, this time as your desire for employment,

into the disk. Then break the disk into pieces and bury it that the energy can go forth into

the world and manifest as a vacant job.

Don't _mysticmagicspells.orget to thank all the beings who you called into your circle.

Be aware that the magick will work, but you will never find it if you don't look!

Keep searching those papers and job agencies, and the right job for you will be there waiting.

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