Collecting on a debt

Karma is quite real. It may be called sin debt but everyone has a balance sheet.
Has someone utterly wronged you? Have people all your life mangled and destroyed
you? Collect on the karmic debt they owe you now.

Fast for two days (this means to deny yourself something like meat or two take
in less than you require).
Spend the third day meditating on yourself. Repent and ask sincere forgiveness
for any wrongs you have done. This cancels YOUR karmic debt. On the fourth day
pray for their conscience to be pricked so that they may repent.

Wait three weeks.

At the end of three weeks place a copy of the Bible on a table. Open to the ten
commandments. Place the Judgement card from a tarot pack on top of the Bible.
Pray this;
"By the law of Moses I ask
My Heavenly Father to send
what I am owed.
eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.

My wrongs I have atoned for by
repentence and fasting
It shall be done as they have done
The balances of Harmony shall
weigh it out.
May my storehouses be filled
with goods to pay the debt "

Wait a month after you have prayed this. Get a pearl, an emerald, or soapstone.
Ask the stone to bring the goods to your door. If you haven't meditated with the
stone seven times, thirty minutes each then do it. If you have then all you need
do is touch the stone and pray. These are manifestation stones and will manifest
your payment in various ways.

One year after the first spell....

Obtain a small piece of sod. Place the sod in a small dish to keep it wet. Bring
it in the house. Place the stone you manifested with on top of the sod. Let this
sit three days.
After three days replace the sod. This allows the earth to manifest for you
Take some ground cloves. Sprinkle the cloves into a teaspoon of honey. Place the
mixture in front of a lit beeswax candle. Put it in a pretty dish so it looks
Offer (this is an offering, not a sacrifice) all of it to Ma'at. (Egyptian
goddess of justice)
(I swear angels can get sensory information from us. They can smell sweet
savours that we send to them. They love it). Leave it out for one hour. Remove
it and use it as you like.

This one works! It takes time, and take the repentence part seriously. Judgement always goes both ways. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AngelMagic/

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