Kiss me Spell

Hey, this is a spell to get someone you fancy or love to kiss you! I am currently studying "dream recall" because after i did this spell i became interested in magic. Well
here it is:
You need - 1 red candle
A white piece of paper
A red colored lipstick or a glittery pink one.

What you need 2 do:
Light the red candle (be careful).
Draw a lip print on the white piece of paper.
Hold the paper over the candle and think of the person you want to kiss you. Then chant:

Kiss me when we meet,
kiss me (lovers full name),
greet me with your lips and say you missed me,
but most of all kiss me.

(remember to visualize you both kissing and falling in love)

I did this spell (as I said before) outside my house because i wanted to be careful not to set fire to my room!!! When I saw the boy I did the spell on, his best friend kept staring at me and smiling, I thought the spell had crossed over onto him!!! But it didn't because two or three days later the boy I did the spell on asked me to go with him (kiss him) and I did!!! We have been good friends ever since!!! If you believe it will work, then it will. I was excited at the thought that my spell had worked, so I became more interested in magic. I have made a pact with myself not to do black magic because I believe what goes around comes around!!!
Good luck with this spell but be careful with magic!!!

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