This recipe was reconstructed from ancient Egyptian papyri.

Although an ingredient or two may not have translated correctly, this should be pretty

close to the actual incense used in Egyptian temples.


3/4 part Honey 3 part Raisins 1/4 part Copal 1/4 part Myrrh 1/4 part Orris

1 part Sandalwood 1/4 part Storax 1/2 part Frankincense

1/2 part Cinnamon (REAL stuff only, and grind it forever)

Red Wine (enough to moisten mixture) Benzoin (enough to roll balls in)

Thoroughly grind all ingredients separately, then mix together groups of ingredients by nature:

resinous together, powdery together, etc. Finally, mix all batches together, add red wine to moisten,

then roll into 5/8" balls and roll balls in benison. Lay out on waxed paper for a week or so, until firm.

The balls can be used when firm, but for best results, they should be allowed to cure a few weeks.

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