You know the story- he's cute, but doesn't seem to have much to say. This spell is for use when an

available person seems interested but reticent. To start, take a small key, hold it to your bosom and say:

"Confident be he who holds this key, that my treasures will yeilded be."

Blast the key with vibrant,-hither energy, then embalm the symbol in rosemary oil, saying:

'Hesitate not, future lover, but your feelings now uncover."

Pass the key several times through the smoke of some fragrant incense, and say:

"Inhibitions float away, love and lustare here to stay." Send the key one last

bolt of Venusian allure, and slip into your potential lover's pocket or bag.

Let him work the rest out for himself. (This spell works when your future lover is a woman, too.)

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