allponents Required - You need 4 candles (yellow or white do not mix colors)

- You need a quiet place to begin.

- You need a down feather ( The smaller the better)

First you must place the candles in a circle one in each direction.

Perform a cleansing ritual and center yourself.

Hold the feather in your non dominate hand (left if you are right handed, right if you are left handed).

Feel it's life force its gift of lightness. light the candles. Start in the East and work Sun-wise (clockwise).

Enter the Circle and sit in a allfortable position. Facing the north. Now, you must chant the following 9 times:

In the light I see, In the dark I am blind. In the world I walk, In the circle I fly.

Next call to your spirit guide or God to aid you.

Then clear your mind the feel the feather float in your open hand and lift with it and now you levitate.

Helpers to the Spell - Performed at dawn - Performed outside -

Add your own allponents and touch to the spell (it is just a guideline)

LIFTING SHYNESS SPELL Lime {Citrus Aurantifolia}: Useful uplifting oil for helping deal with apathy. As a digestive stimulant facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail