Corn Flowers: Sprinkle in the area where you and your mate argue the most. It is purported to help alleviate discord and strife.

Damiana: Let some soak in a glass of wine for three hours. Thereafter, sprinkle a small bit outside your front and back door. Do this faithfully each day for 21 days, and it is said that before long your wandering lover will return to you.

Dill Seed: Add a few grains to bath water before going out to meet a person of the opposite sex. Said to make one irresistible (I could never get this one to work for me, lol!).

Laurel: Worn by brides to help guarantee a long and happy union.

Marjoram: To attract a husband, put a little in the corners of each room in your house. Remove and renew about once a month (how long are you supposed to do this?!).

Orris Root: A love root, carried to attract the opposite sex and to make them love you dearly.

Rosemary: Give a special friend a sachet filled with Rosemary. This is supposed to induce warm-n-fuzzy feelings in another.

Skullcap: Supposedly if you place a wee bit in your lover's shoes it can help make that person unaffected by the charms of others.

Spikenard: Brew into a tea and wet the picture of a loved one with the water to enhance the longevity of your union.

Sweet Bugle: Crush a handful and place under your mattress to attract new lovers and possibly marriage prospects.

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