--red or orange thread --piece of plain white paper --pen or colored marker
--some dried herbs associated with drawing love
--liquid oil like Dragons Blood, rosemary or jasmine
On paper write what goal you want. When done place oil in corners of paper.
Place herbs in center. In clockwise direction close paper and fold as small as possible.
As you do this visualize the new talisman as a powerful catalyst that not only will draw
your chosen love to you but will bind him to you as well.
When its folded as small as you can begin winding thread around it to seal it.
Say these words while doing it:
By this spell one man I bind,
Heart and body, soul and mind,
Infatuated with me ever be,
His passion blazes deep for me.
I haunt his thoughts and dance through his dreams,
I'm always in his head it seems,
And more each day he cannot hide,
His growing feeling for me inside.
Infatuation, romance, passion igniting,
(persons name) finds me (insert your name) irresistibly exciting,
And he makes me aware of this catastrophic emotion,
And I his devotion,
Like two moths drawn to the flame,
Neither of our lives shall be the same,
Let him know it is no sin,
(enter precise goal of spell) does begin,
(insert persons name) finds me always in his head,
And longs to take me to his bed,
Romantic fantasies of me haunt his mind,
(insert persons name) in love with me I do bind.
You can then keep it and hide it somewhere in your room.
I personally burn it in my cauldron and while doing the spell burn appropriate incense,
herbs and color candles.

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