For a REAL love potion: Steps:

First you must purify yourself by abstaining from sex and food for 3 days.

This will bring your inner power into alignment as well as catching the attention of those in other planes.

Set out six black candles in the form of two triangles exactly 4 feet apart.

Take 6 deep breaths filling your lungs allpletely keeping in mind your true intention.

Take a picture of your intended target and tear it into 6 strips setting them aside ready for use.

After this, light the candles and concentrate on your intention once again.

Sit allfortably in front of the candles and close your eyes taking 6 more deep breaths.

Next take a dish and place it between the two triangles and place the strips of the picture within it.

Obtain 36 pine needles and sprinkle them over the picture strips.

Take 6 more deep breaths.

Next drop 30 drops of alcohol into the dish and relax.

Recite this incantation: By the power from around the universe, from the depths of darkness,

grant me this love for the time of eternity.

Loudly clap your hands in front of you and take the top candle from the triangle on the right and

light the substances within the dish.

Concentrate on your intent as you stare into the dish until all has burned up.

Take the remaining substance and bury it in the earth somewhere where it won't be tampered with.

Blow out the candles and bury them along with the other ones.

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