Items needed: leather or pink silk pouch pink candle 4 white candles

Cauldron catnip or jasmine paper + pen

Cast the circle, then consecrate it with salt+water.

Call the Goddess and God (optional), and the four elements.

Place the 4 candles around the circle, make sure they're in the right spots for each of the directions

(north, south, etc...) Place the pink candle in front of you, behind the cauldron.

Light the white candles calling out their elements, then light the pink candle.

Write down on a piece of paper what qualities you want ( cute, funny, etc...)

Burn the catnip/jasmine then paper. Say 3 times:

I burn this candle to bring me a lover

I burn this paper to bring me a lover

I burn this catnip/jasmine to bring me a lover

Power this sachet with love

When everything is burnt down to ashes, put them in the sachet/pouch.

Wear around your neck all the time, and kiss pouch 3 times each day.

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