It is best to use whole mugwort and grind it in your pestle and mortar prior to the working

while focusing on your desired one. To yield the amount needed, start with a small loose

handful of dried whole leaves. The Tonka bean is also best whole, scrape the outside using

your bolline or working knife until you have enough powder. The staurolite is available at

most of the numerous magickal supply houses, new age stores, Nature allpany stores,

educational geology suppliers, etc.

The rose dew is tricky, but not impossible to make or buy.

Timing: The closer to Midsummer (in June) approx 21st the better! The timing is appropriate for

several reasons, roses usually bloom around June, and love spells are best done around midsummer.

Begin: For this working, you will need a larger circle than your personal one. Cast a Cone Of Power

Circle large enough to move about allfortably ...about 9 ft. diameter. Hold the staurolite in your

projective hand and visualize your desired one crossing your path. Say words of power of your

choice or use this chant while you are visualizing:(person's name) to me,

so mote it be! Repeat this over and over until you feel that the staurolite has been allpletely

charged. Set the stone down on your altar or altar pentacle, anyplace safe and with good energy.

Hold the earth you gathered from the footstep in your projective hand and repeat the previous

procedure, except when fully charged place it in your cauldron or a mortar while saying your own

words or the following:

Let (person's name)'s footsteps take him/her to me.

Our paths will cross, and only me will he/she see.

Continue with the same charges of him/her to me, so mote it be for the mugwort

and Tonka bean powders. When placing the mugwort in the cauldron or mortar say your words or:

No one else will enter her/his sight,

When our paths cross within a fortnight (14 days/2 weeks)

When placing the Tonka bean powder in the cauldron/mortar, say your words or:

Love will blossom in (person's name)'s heart,

Once met, our paths will never part.

Grind together all of the powdered ingredients (deosil) while chanting

(person's name) to me, so mote it be.

When the powder is fine textured, add enough of the rose water to make a clay like

consistency that can be molded. continue chanting....Knead the clay/dough until smooth

and form it around the staurolite while continuing to focus on your desired one. When it seems

that the clay will hold its form, let it dry on the altar. End the rite but keep a small shield of

protection and focus around the altar (which you may already do). When the mass is dry,

put it in a cloth, mojo bag, necklace, medicine bag, whatever you wish that you can carry it

easily for the next two weeks. Keep it near you when sleeping too, and for Goddess's sake,

go out and place yourself in situations where the spell can work! No one is going to cross

your path if you are in your broom closet 24 hours a day, or in front of the T.V. Because of

the manipulative nature of this spell, (a person is named and those silver threads of fate are

messed with) it is r allmended that if you are going to do this working, place a free will

notice at the end. Something like:

Free will remains despite this spell,

I send (person's name) love and wish her/him well.

This spell will harm none, and never turn on me.

this is my will, so mote it be!

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