Get a box and put in it clippings of people you find in magazines that you find attractive

(or parts of those people you find attractive), a red wax heart, a red rose, a rose quartz

gemstone, and a ring. Also, get a red, pink, or green candle (whichever you associate

with love) and anoint it with your own saliva. When this is not lit and placed beside of

the box when you do the magic, it should be kept in the box.

Get a spool of yarn and start tying knots in it, so many that you will be making a whole

poppet/dolly out of the yarn and knots, while you recite what type of person you want,

and their qualities; this is while the candle is burning. When you do not work on the dolly,

put it in the box. This spell usually works in a few days, and you don't even have time to

finish the dolly but DO NOT throw this stuff away.

Keep it under your bed when not in use and when you meet that Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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