love spell

you will need: a red or pink candle, patchouli, rose, Ylang Ylang and lavender oils. rose quartz crystal, red table cloth, rose petals, figure or picture of Venus or Aphrodite, pentacle, container to mix the oils in and a mirror.
perform this spell at Samhain (Halloween)
the spell: dress your alter with the table cloth and figures of the love Goddess and rose petals. Place your pentacle on your alter and put the candle on it to charge it with power. take up your candle and hold it in your hands, while thinking of the love you want empower it by saying: "I empower this candle with the gift of love, may it bring love to me" now mix the oils in the container and starting from the wick rub the oil into your candle when you reach the middle stop and do the same from the base to the middle. when your candle if fully dressed place it in the centre of your alter and light the wick. then say: "I light this candle, blessed be. bring the one who's right for me. Blessed Venus be my friend, let my days of loneliness end. grant me inner beauty, pure as the dove, for beauty wins the gift of love. On this night of all Hallow's eve i ask that true love i shall receive." then take up the mirror and position it so that the flame of the candle is on your face and say: "the light of love shines on me, this is my will, so mote it be. I cast this spell with harm to none, let my will and bidding be done!" allow the candle to burn its self out, then carry the rose quartz with you daily.

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