Love spell

Ok, this is a spell just for people who TRULY love someone,who does not love them. DO NOT DO THIS SPELL IF YOU JUST THINK THERE CUITE!!!!!!!! You have to LOVE the persone your casting this spell on because this spell is VERY powerfull. Do this spell at midnight.

Here is what you will need:
2 red candles
2 pink candles
3 blue candles
Holy water
Any kind or colored flowers
And anything that reminds you of love or that person.

Step 1: Place the candles in a hart shape.
Step 2: Light each candle while thinking of one thing you love about this person each time you light one.
Step 3: Place the holy water in the middle of the hart.
step 4: Place bible infront of you.
step 5: put the flowers around the bible.
step 6: Place you hand on the bible and chant "God, please protect me while i do this spell, incase of any dark magic. Amen"
Step 7: Chant " My love, Shines brighter than 1,000 suns. My faith, tis deeper than the sea. Please {persone who you loves name}Love me." chant 8 times.

Do this 3 nights in a row and let the candles burn untill you cant stay awake anymore.

good luck :)

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