TOOLS: small flower pot

earth=fresh, not bought (can be in small pot)

seeds that will grow inside (one seed for each year or month together)

small cup of water 2 candles , white, red

hair, cloth, nail clipping, something personal from both parties ashtray

Take bath clear mind of everything listen to your own heart beat till you go blank and feel clean

not necessary but is helpful if it is after the New Moon

After bath, go to quite place where tools are laid before you, sit down see yourself in a ball like

circle (sphere) above and below you or cast a circle if you know how.

light white candle

call on the Gods or Goddesses or your choice to guard, watch, aid you in your workings

light red candle, burn personal items together in ashtray

place ash in earth, moisten earth with half the cup of water

as you plant seeds say charm:

We are grown and gathered and bound

We are planted beneath the land

Water of life Blood of earth

Seeds yet sleep

I draw thee forth

I honor thee

Now favor me

As I will it

So mote it be!

9. add rest of water bid gods farewell, or open circle, place pot in sunny window or under lamp water once a week as it grows so your love.

This is not a binding spell it is only to strengthen and grow what is already there.

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