Massage is one of the single most important therapies used in healing.

The visualization of chi, or 'life force," being manipulated is a valid method for moving healing

energies through the body. This life force is thought to originate in the spine with its movement

going either down the legs and out through the toes, or up the back and along the arms and

then out through the fingers. In all techniques of massage that use visualization of chi there

are some very basic rules:

1. Once you begin to touch the body, the movement should always be away from the spine,

either up the body and out through the fingers or down the legs and out through the toes.

If you begin to massage the neck, then you must visualize that energy moving out through

the arms and then the fingers. You should not make any movement down the back.

The flow and direction of chi are very important.

2. Keep at least one hand on your partner's body (if you are reaching for oil, for example).

Once you begin touching the body, you should continue that movement until the energy is

brought out through the feet or the hands.

3. Eventually your hands will tired and cramped.

According to conventional medical wisdom, you have strained them from overuse.

Chinese practitioners believed however, that when this happens you have simply taken the

nervous energy from your partner and brought it into your own aura.

Their technique is to shake both hands, snapping the excess nervous energy off into space. It works.

You relieve your cramps and your partner feels a definite loss of nerves

4. The more you are able to visualize the movement of this energy, chi, the more vibrant the

experience of massage is to your partner. She or he will literally feel the energy!

5. Foot and ear massages are more important than neck and back massages.

There are more meridian points in the ear than most of the rest of the body allbined.

The ear symbolizes the body in a fetal position.

The foot also symbolizes the entire body as well, and by learning reflexology you can

enhance the healing of internal parts of the body through correct massage of the feet.

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