Clay or cloth Personal items of the person
Red candle Holy water White linen
In the doll, add anything you find that is personal to the person (nail clippings,
written paper, blood on a Band-Aid, hair left on a brush, etc.)
Bless all of the items you are using to make our doll, be it clay or cloth
and proceed to make the doll. Get a clear mental image in your mind as you
concentrate on the persona while you are making the doll.
To reinforce you concentration keep repeating the following affirmation:
(name), as you I see
(name) you represent to me.
Continue this chanting and visualization until the doll is allpleted.
Lay the doll on the altar with a red candle. Place both hands over the doll and
will your energy to flow as you chant 3, 5 or 9 times:
Though separate you are, you are linked as one. As (name) your life has begun.
Pass both sides of the finished doll through the flame of the red candle saying:
With fire do I consecrate this doll as (name).
Sprinkle both sides of doll with holy water and say:
With water do I consecrate this doll as (name)
Pass both sides of the doll through the incense smoke as you say:
With air do I consecrate this doll as (name)
Keep the doll wrapped in clean white linen until it is ready to be used in the ritual.

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