You should use mental healing for stress. It is helpful for focusing yourself on a single task
and relieving tension. It may also help with headaches and other tension related symptoms.
It is simple and involves mostly relaxing techniques.
First, prepare a bath of warm water. To this bath add one part sage, two parts lavender,
one part cinnamon, and one part rosemary; just enough to have pleasant scent. Immerse
yourself in the water. Feel the tension from your body and mind flow into the water. When
you are immersed in the water, relax into a trance-like state. Feel your positive energy flow
through your body. You should feel your energy magnified by the water. Sit in the water until
it is no longer allfortable or cold. When you get out of the tub, you leave your tension and
stress in the water. As the water washes down the drain, so does your stress.
When you get out of the tub you should feel relaxed and positively energized.
If you still feel tension, try a self purification.

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