Properties of some allmon metallic elements and their uses for metal Magick in rituals and spells.
ALUMINUM *Projective/Mercury/Air/Male
Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element on the earth and the moon. 8%
of the earth's crust is allposed of aluminum in some form. Almost all rocks
contain aluminosilicate minerals. The human body also contains traces of aluminum.
Powers Of Aluminum: A conductor of electricity.
Magick Uses: A Modern metal with no Magick history. Aluminum foil can be used
to fashion shapes for image Magick.
BOJI STONES *Projective/Mars/Fire/*Akasha
Powers Of Boji Stones: Protection/Healing/Psychic Power
Magickal Uses: Use for grounding and healing by holding the stone in your
hand while visualizing. Use these stones to protect and strengthen your psychic defenses.
Balance: Wear to balance energies within the body
BRASS* Projective/Sun/Fire/Male
Powers Of Brass: Healing/ Money/Protection
Associated Deities: Sun deities
Magick Uses: Brass can be used as a substitute for gold for money attracting
Magick rituals and spells. A simple money attracting talisman that can
easily be made is to inscribe a pentagram on a small piece of brass and carry
it with you at all times. Brass is used for sun Magick and fire Magick
rituals and spells. Sun Magick spells used to attract wealth and money should
be performed at sunrise. Because brass has protective attributes it is used
for defensive Magick to protect and send back negativity to the sender. Brass
jewelry is worn for this purpose during such rituals.
COPPER (Cu/cuprum) Receptive/Venus/Water/Female
The human body contains traces of copper.
Powers Of Copper: Conductor of electricity/Healing/Love/Luck/Protection
Associated Deities: Ishtar, Aphrodite and Astarte, and other Goddesses associated with Venus.
Magick Uses: Copper is used to make wands to direct energy during ritual. It
is also worn during ritual to increase the direction of energy towards the
desired goal. Pure copper is also worn for healing and to prevent sickness.
It is said that copper should be worn on the opposite side of your dominate
hand. For example, if you are right handed then wear copper on your left
side. Because it is associated with the planet Venus it is also worn to
attract love. It is highly effective for attracting love when copper is allbined with emeralds.
Balance: Copper has the ability to balance the polarity's of the body, this
is why copper is used to heal and prevent sickness. Copper balances the flow
of energies in the body, both receptive and projective. When a person feels
ill, it is believed that the energies in the body are not in balance or are
blocked and copper is worn to balance these energies and stimulate the
natural healing of the body.
WARNING: In the book, Metalen En Hun Effecten, Roos Leffebure(Dutch), Copper
has a physical effect as well as an emotional effect. If worn for too long
the physical effect can result in bluish of the skin with a smell, headaches
and an unstable heart rhythm. The emotional effect is like silver, it
produces emotional instability if worn for too long.
ELECTRUM (A mixture of metals)*Projective/Sun/Fire/Male
Powers Of Electrum: To find a natural mixture of metals is rare. Today
electrum is custom made for specific ritual purposes. For example, uniting
the receptive and projective qualities such as when gold and silver are mixed
together or symbolically uniting the God and Goddess.
GOLD (Au/aurum) *Projective/Sun/Fire/Male
Powers Of Gold: Power/Success/Wealth/Strength/Protection/Male Dysfunction
Associated Deities: Sun Gods
Magick Uses: Use for fire Magick, sun Magick, spells and rituals for money
and to increase power, self-confidence and courage. Gold and a white candle
are used for protection spells. Wear gold jewelry or a talisman to attract
success and wealth. Gold worn during a ritual enhances the ability to gather
up and send out power. A substitute for gold to use in money attracting
spells is Pyrite( also known as Fool's Gold)
IRON (Fe/ferrum)*Projective/Mars/Fire/Male
The human body contains traces of iron.
Powers Of Iron: Protection/Healing/Strength
Associated Deities: Selene
Magick Uses: Pure form is found only in Meteorites. Used for defensive Magick
to deflect negativity. Iron stops the flow of psychic energy and is used for
healing the self when one feels emotional wrought or is under psychic attack,.
in this way it deflects negative energy. Iron inscribed with symbolic Mars is
worn for protective and defensive Magick. Also you can take iron nails and
insert them in white or blue candles for protection and defensive Magick. A
talisman of iron is said to increase physical strength. Envisioning a large
iron gate of olde during a protection spell helps to mentally keep negative away.
LEAD (Pb/plumbum)*Receptive/Saturn/Earth/Female
Powers of Lead: Protection
Magick Uses: To be used for defensive and protective Magick to deflect negative energies.
WARNING: Lead is poisonous when absorbed by the body.
LODESTONE (Magnetite/natural magnet/natural iron oxide)*Receptive/Venus/Water/Female
Was used by sailors and mariners to find the magnetic North.
Powers Of Lodestone: To attract love, money, friendship, and power/Protection/Fidelity
Magickal Uses: Lodestone has a natural magnetic quality and the larger the
stone the greater its magnetic powers. It is used for attraction. It can worn
during ritual, or placed on an alter to increase a spell's powers. Lodestone
can also be used for healing by placing the stone on the hurt part of the
body. After the spell or ritual is performed and the stone has absorbed the
negative energies, the stone should be cleaned. It can also be placed in the
receptive hand while performing spells or for emotional healing.
MERCURY (Hg/hydrargyrum)*Duel Energies/Water, Earth, Air/Male/Female
WARNING: Mercury is poisonous! It is dangerous to touch, breath and
accidentally ingest. Use other metals that are safer.
SILVER (Ag/argentum)*Receptive/moon/water/Female
Power Of Silver: Intuition/Emotions/Psychic Mind/Dreams/Love/Protection/Invocation of the Goddess
Associated Deities: Moon Goddesses
Magick Uses: Use for water magick, scrying, divination, dreams, rituals
invoking the Goddess and love and healing spells. Silver reflects negativity
away. Silver influences the psychic mind increasing your chances for psychic
dreams and enhancing intuition. Silver can be used for scrying. Take a piece
of silver with you outside on a full moon and allow the silver to catch the
reflection of the moon. Silver is also associated with the stones, Lapis
Lazuli, Jade, Pearl and Emerald. When one of these stones are used together
with silver as in a piece of jewelry it is used to attract love. Wear silver
to sleep with a stone such as moonstone to enhance psychic dreams.
Balance: If wearing too much silver overwhelms you and makes you emotionally
overwhelmed, try wearing gold with it to balance out.
Magick Uses: A modern metal without history of magick use. Since it is a
projective metal it is used today for defensive magick to deflect negative
energies away. Steel knives are used either through visualization or
physically held while visualizing negative impulses and all negative energies
away from yourself. Afterwards take the knife and place it under your
mattress to symbolically serve as protection and to block negative energies
from disturbing your thoughts at night. A steel knife used in this manner is
for symbolism and visualization. Use caution when handling a knife.
TIN (Sn/stannum)*Projective/Jupiter/Air/Male
The main allponent for Pewter.
Powers Of Tin: Money/ Luck
Magick Uses: Made into money attracting *talismans

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