I had been told by a local occult tore owner that I could make up a bag using red flannel, Court case

oil, john the conquer root, a talisman (3nails with the words Justo Juez) the Indian Tobacco seal or Snake root seal.

The items you list are very appropriate ingredients for a lawyer's mojo, to increase his or her ability to persuade

others and win in court. John the Conqueror increases personal mastery and allmand in any situation.

I would *also* include a Little John (Court Case) root. It is the sine qua non of legal matter roots.

Here are my proposed additions to the list you gave above:

Little John to chew Root (a.k.a. Court Case Root)

Deer's Tongue leaves (for eloquence in speech)

Slippery Elm Bark chips (to forfend slander, gossip, and lies)

Calendula or Marigold flowers (both are said to aid court cases)

Solomon Seal root(for wise legal decisions)

Dress it with Court Case Oil (which contains some of the above)

The talisman is also good. Its from the Afro-Caribbean tradition and it is Catholic / Santerian:

The three nails represent the crucifixion and the Justo Juez image is a detail of the crucifixion scene

from the Santerian Seven African Powers image. Catholic-Santeria talismans are not yet well known

among African-Americans (most of whom are members of the various Protestant denominations),

but they are certainly acceptable and copacetic with hoodoo foot work -- and they are b alling

better known gradually as more Santeros frequent hoodoo candle shops and ask for such products.

Likewise, although not many Cuban, Mexican, Haitian, or Puerto Rican Santeros have heard of

Court Case Root yet, the African-American influence on Santero/Vodoun botanicas is slowly

increasing as the demand for traditional hoodoo-style products is being met by enterprising botanica

shop-keepers. Even some New Age / Pagan / Wiccan shops are beginning To carry materials for

practitioners of both of these styles of folk-magic. cat (looking forward to the world-mix culture)

Mirrors are said to frighten away dark spirits and tiny pieces of silvered glass are often MONEY DOUBLING SPELL facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail