Linen paper is an acceptable substitute for papyrus The Book of Overthrowing Apep

specifies a grass fire, if you can manage that. If not, do as you ordinarily would for any fire spell.

Wax figures in male and female form, usually black, are sold at magical supply shops.

You can make your own figures by melting candle wax and shaping it while it is still warm.

A mold (try cookie cutters) could be used to shape the wax.

Simple lumps or balls of wax can be used to represent enemies like war, cancer, addiction,

racism, child abuse or AIDS. Anything sharp can be used to engrave the figure - pen, needle,

knifepoint, whatever. To inlay the incision with green, try using melted green wax from a candle

or crayon. Spread it on while hot, wiping off everything but that which fills in the words.

Or try a magic marker, if you use white wax for the figure.

The excellence or crudity of the figures is of little importance.

Paint your eyes with black, like ancient Egyptians, as an aid to raising power.

Say the spell with conviction, in a loud, strong voice.

These are terrible Words of Power - make them sound like it! >

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