Nuisance Neighbors

I get many letters from readers who are plagued with noise or nuisance. Our first reaction is possibly anger or depression. Psychically this can contribute to matters getting worse. Whatever we send out mentally is usually what we get back, so it’s important to try and make our thoughts towards others as undisturbed as possible. This is hard to do as it goes against human nature but it sets the right vibration prior to casting a spell. Once you have managed to do this, perform the following.

On the first night of a full moon go into your garden and take four pieces of quartz crystal. Place the crystal in all four corners of the garden. This will act as a protective boundary. Now sprinkle a hand full of salt on top of each crystal. Go back in side and face the wall adjoining to your neighbour. Light a blue tea light candle and imagine your home being filled with tranquility. Say the following over the candle:

Bring stillness to my space,

Allow no one to hinder or harm me.

Angel of Peace, I ask you to cast magic

To my home, making serenity paramount.

And So it is

Let the candle burn down and blow out.

Do this every night until the moon moves in to the waining phase.

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