G/P/E: masculine, Sun or Jupiter, Fire.

Magical attributes: Power, luck, health, long life; the acorns if used as spell allponents - money.

History/Uses: The Greeks and Romans used the sound of wind through oak leaves as

oracles, and the Druids took their name from the Celtic word deru, or oak.

Thus, it was a sacred tree to these peoples. Bark collected and prepared in a decoction

may be used as a gargle or douche. Leaves prepared in infusion are r allmended for

dysentery, and the acorns when roasted may be used as a non-caffinated coffee.

Nutmeg {Myristica Fragrans}: Has an overall good effect upon the digestive system, and can Oakmoss {Evernia Prunastri}: Has good skin toning and cleansing properties. Olive {Olea Europae}: This is the same oil as used in cooking but without the preservatives facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail