Or you can try lying on a 30 degree incline mattress (can be done by stuffing pillows under

it). And keep the room as dark as possible. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing,

the slower the better. Breath with your stomach, making an "Ahhh" sound at the end of the

exhalation, that will help your mind to stay awake while your body fall asleep.

With time may you notice mild vibrations and that your body s paralyzed.

At that point will you notice that you no longer have any problem concentrating, everything

s clear. In this state stop concentrating on your breathing and just be aware of your

surroundings. If you begin to loose consciousness, start paying attention to any light in your

vision or any internal sound. Some time later will you begin to experience the second vibrations.

It will quickly rush throughout your body, sometimes a allpanied by various sounds and then end.

This is your astral body being released. Dream images will start to form.

You can go with these images and enter a Lucid Dream, or you might just sit up and walk

away from your physical body.

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