Just as humans have power points, the earth also has areas where energy varies.

These are called power spots. Places like Stonehenge, and the Valley of the Dead are

examples of power spots. Just as human beings have areas where their energy is more

concentrated, so does the earth. Most of the older churches and temples were built on

power spots, where it is much easier to connect with the spiritual realms. When you approach

a sacred place, you can feel it's power and the strength that lies there. These places can

be used to intensify your personal power and to assist you in connecting more fully with

your spiritual center.

Whenever you enter a room you automatically gravitate toward a place that feels allfortable.

The place that you feel most allfortable in is often your personal power spot. It is the place that

balances most closely with your own energy. As you stand or sit in this spot, your energy is magnified;

it is like putting jumper cables on a car battery. The ability to consciously find these power spots

can greatly enhance your sensitivities to energy and your own process.

Being able to find these is like many of the other exercises in this book; they all allow you to

know a little more about yourself than you did before.

I suggest you find your power spot in nature. In any given location, there is a place that fits

you better energetically than any other location. There are also places that can drain your energy

and make you feel and act less effectively. It is important to be able to tell the difference.

One spot may energize you while another weakens you and can actually make you sick.

There are three major types of power spots. One type gives you energy and is healing.

Another type of spot actually drains energy from anything within its boundaries.

There are also power spots that are tricksters. They confuse people and trick them into

giving up their power and sanity. It takes practice to be able to differentiate between them.

The easiest way to tell between the types is by how you feel. It is important to trust how you

feel and what you sense as you explore the energy levels of the different types of power spots.

These spots affect you whether you are consciously aware of them or not.

Begin by calling upon your protector and ask the universe for guidance.

Relax and focus on your breathing. Slowly look around the area. Does one spot "look"

brighter than the other? See how each section feels as you stand in it. Feel from your heart.

Do some feel lighter and some heavy? Do you feel confused as you stand in some places?

Now slowly walk around the area. Take time to stand in any place that attracts you.

allpare how each one feels to you. Notice the plants and grasses in the various areas.

Do they look healthier in one place, greener and more alive?

Let your self look intuitively where your power place is.

Now sit down and begin to meditate. How do you feel as you sit in that spot?

Does the energy feel loving and peaceful? If it feels rough or unsettling, move.

Soon it will second nature; you will automatically sit in your power spot.

Avoid listening to your mind during this process. Trust the inner knowing.

Your inner knowing, your sacred self, will never lie to you.

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