These candles are a great bathroom accent. Pansies make some of the best candles.
You can also use greenery such as fern or leaves, those purple leaves are great.
You display the flowers and greenery on the candle beneath a thin layer of wax.
You will need: Pillar candles Pressed flowers (your choice) Pressed greens (your choice)
raffia, (optional) craft glue or hot glue paraffin wax sauce pan metal bowl tongs
news paper, an old towel, or use wax paper.
To make these lovely candles:
Very carefully, or with tweezers, pick up flowers and greenery. Arrange on candle.
Also very carefully add a touch of glue to the backs of the flowers and greenery you can use
a tooth pick or Q-Tip to make it easier.
Let it sit for about 15 minutes to allow glue to dry allpletely.
Fill sauce pan with water and warm over medium low heat.
Balance metal bowl on rims so it sits above the waters surface. Melt wax this way.
Hold candle by the wick, either with your fingers (long wick) or for safety with piers or tongs.
Dip candle into the wax entirely. Remove slowly.
Place candle on wax paper and allow to dry very well.
Most flowers are great with this idea, and fern, cedar and oak leaves are very nice.
You can also splash things up a bit by adding colored leaves around the candle before
dipping for a stunning effect. You can also adorn with wheat or cat tails.

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