Proection Herbs

Ague Weed: This can be mixed with any incense and burned to break the power of a hex that has been placed on you.

Bay Leaves: One in the corner of each room of a house is believed to protect all who dwell there, as well as the house itself. If you carry it on your person it is reputed to protect against witchcraft.

Bladderwrack: To be carried by the traveler as a protection, especially when traveling by water.

Blood Root: Place on windows and doorways to protect against curses and evil spirits from entering.

Cinquefoil: Take an egg and cut a small hole in one end. Drain the contents and let the shell dry. Then stuff the shell with Cinquefoil and reseal the hole with tape. As long as this egg is kept in the home it can be protected from evil forces.

Clover: Soak one tablespoonful in one cup of vinegar for three days. Then strain and sprinkle the vinegar in each corner of every room. All alien spirits should leave the premises.

Elm Bark: To eliminate slander against you bury some in a box along with a piece of paper that contains the name of the individual who is speaking adversely about you.

Pearl Moss: Sprinkle this across the front doorway of the home to only allow good spirits to enter (this actually works well in conjunction with the Sulfur one below).

Sulfur: Burn at midnight near your back door to ward off evil.

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