Start by mixing water and salt, two elements of magic. Consecrate them.

Use garlic salt and add powdered rosemary if you need to clear out ghosts or spirits.

Begin at the main entrance of the house or apartment.

Sprinkle some of the consecrated water by dipping your fingers in it and making

the sign of the pentacle. Say:

Evil shall leave but not enter.

Use a firm voice. Make it a allmandment, with all of your power behind it.

Proceed counterclockwise through the house, repeating the procedure in

every corner of each room, at all the windows, doors and mirrors.

Don't _mysticmagicspells.orget telephones, allputers with active modems, fax machines,

inte alls, and televisions that are connected to the Internet.

It doesn't hurt to do the mailbox, too.

Make the downward pentacle, with your left hand, if this feels right to you.

Or the upward pentacle with your right hand. Either will work.

Repeat the spell annually, or whenever you feel in need of it.

It is important to perform a spell like this one on a new home before you move into it.

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