Protection For Your Family

To protect a child from bad influences at school, parties, etc., gather a bunch of sea shells and wrap them in an article of the child's clothing. Pluck a few strands of your hair and braid them together with a silken thread. Wrap the braided thread around the clothing and shells until you have a tight bundle. Keep this hidden in the room at home where you spend the most time. As long as it's there, your child will never forget the rules of conduct you've taught him.

To keep children safe from physical harm for a day, throw a handful of sand, grain or rice after them as they leave your home (but don't let them see you do it). According to one of witchcraft's oldest traditions, the scattered sand (or rice or grain) has the power to form a protective shield around children until darkness falls.

If any member of your family is going on a long trip, place a bunch of hazel nuts and an article of the traveler's clothing under his pillow at home. The nuts bring the person good luck on his trip; his clothes, combined with your love bring him safely back to his own bed.

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