Protection For Your Home

To protect your home from burglaries, get up before sunrise, and put a pinch of pepper on the threshold of one door and the sill of one window. As you place it there say:

"Pepper sting rogue, knave or thief;
Who so breaks this bond finds grief.
I mean it for this sill and door,
And all through this house forevermore."

To prevent fires, light a red candle during a full moon; then quickly douse the flame with a glass of water while saying:

"Fire bright; fire cease.
I will you leave this home in peace."

Put the unlit candle just outside your kitchen door. At each full moon, cast the spell again.

If someone or something (like a dog!) trespasses on your property, find the intruder's footprints and drive a nail through them. He (or it) will develop a dislike for your land and trespass no more.

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