The purification of self is a way to remove the accumulation of all negative things that
happened during the day and to prepare for the work to. Before ritual work, you have
to change your frame of mind from the everyday mundane world.
Here are a couple of ways to do this.
You may use incense in the allmon stick form or in what is called a smudge stick.
This is a small bundle of incense. The incense is lit and is passed around the body, but not
too close to the hair (fire hazard). As you pass the incense around your body, concentrate
on the smoke passing through you. Invision all the negativity and the excess baggage of
the day leaving you as the smoke rises around you. When you feel cleansed, put out the
incense. You will need a container to put out the smudge stick. A terra cotta saucer filled
with sand is ideal.
Ritual Baths:
A ritual bath is a great way to shed the day and concentrate on the ritual to.
--White candles, for Spirituality and Higher Self, Salt, Herb or Herbs for Purification, Candle Snuffer.
Run a bath of very warm water. As the water is running light the white candles.
Use as many as you wish.
Three is an appropriate number as it represents the three aspects of the Goddess.
As you light a candle think or recite aloud: "I light this candle in truth and peace".
Repeat with each candle.
While the water is running, add a small amount of salt into the water, then add the herb
or herbs of your choice.
Step into the water and slowly sink down into the tub.
Relax and feel the water covering your body.
Let the day and all negativity be drawn into the water.
Concentrate on letting go and moving to the positive.
Wash slowly. Turn the bath into its own ritual. Think or say aloud :
" All negativity is flowing out of me into the water. I am pure for the work to."
Take as long as you need.
When you feel you are clear and relaxed step out of the tub and drain the water.
Watch the water flow down the drain.
Envision all the negativity and the day behind you flowing down the drain with the water.
Dry yourself slowly, deliberately. As you snuff out the candles, think or say aloud:
"I leave this bath in truth and peace." You are now ready for the ritual to.

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