Moon Phase: New through Full Day: Friday Planet: Venus

Colors: Red and White


2 Candles, 1 red and 1 white A Ball of Red Yarn

Red and White Rose Petals White Sugar

Your name on a piece of white paper written in red ink

A small bowl A needle or pin

Place all supplies on the altar. Cleanse, consecrate, and empower the items.

If you like, you can ask for the blessings of Aphrodite or Venus (both are love goddesses)

on the work you plan to do, or you may wish to work with Spirit or your guardian angel.

Hold our hands over your supplies until your palms begin to tingle or get warm.

Light the red candle. Put the white sugar, the rose petals, and the paper with your

name in red in the small bowl. Gently stir the contents seven times, saying:

"I Stir I change I manifest

The human love from the universe that will suit me best."

Take the end of a needle or pin and carve the words "love" and your name on the

white candle. Hold the candle tightly in your hand, and repeat the charm seven times.

Remove the piece of paper from the bowl and place the paper underneath the candle

holder in the center of your alter. Sprinkle the rose petal and sugar mixture around the

base of the candle in the shape of a heart.

Focus your eyes on the candle flame. Think of yourself happy, safe, and in the arms of a caring person.


Hold this thought as long as you can. When you lose the thought, open your eyes and say:

"Spirit, I ask the universe to send me the person who will suit me best."

Take the ball of yarn, hold the loose end in your receptive hand, and begin unraveling the ball,

repeating the charm, until you to the opposite end of the yarn.

As you pull the yarn bask toward you, envision yourself happy and loved.

Now roll the ball of yarn back up again, repeating the charm, and envisioning yourself happy and loved.

When you have a allplete ball, set the yarn aside (do not throw the ball of yarn away until the

love you have calleds to you).

Thank Spirit, then snuff out the candles. Release your circle.

Repeat the candle lighting part of this spell for seven days, always within a magic circle.

At the end of the seven days, place the remains of the candle, the paper, and the heart-shaped

sugar and rose mixture into a plastic baggie. Keep the baggie in a safe place until you encounter

the love you asked for, the sprinkle the mixture into your backyard.

Ask Spirit that, as the sugar and rose petals disintegrate, love grows in your life.

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