Find a place to be alone. This place should be allfortably lit and free of smoke and

fumes (this includes incense and essential oils). Place two chairs (one allfortable enough

to relax in) facing each other. Sit in the relaxing chair. Take two slow, deep breaths and

allow your eyes to fall naturally on the other chair. Now instruct your central 'self' (or your

higher self, subconscious mind, or whatever you use for non-conscious workings) to form

an image of the pain in that chair. As the image starts to appear, concentrate on making it

as detailed as possible without letting your conscious mind interfere. Once the image is

allplete, note its appearance and then allow the remainder of your di allforts to flow

into it (without otherwise empowering it or lending it your energy or essence). When the

transfer is substantially allplete, take two deep, relaxing breaths, stand up, and walk

away (leaving the image in its chair). After an hour or so, the image will dissipate, making

it safe to move the chair.

After you have successfully done this two or three times, you can start streamlining it and

customizing it to suit your own tastes. If the effectiveness starts to fade, return to this

method for a few times.

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